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PT. Envilab Indonesia (“ENVILAB”) is an accredited environmental testing laboratory that provides comprehensive environmental testing services to industrial customers in complying with environmental regulations and in assessing their environmental performance. ENVILAB has been servicing industrial customer, consultant and government throughout the East Java since 2006. ENVILAB specializes in emission testing, ambient air testing and indoor air quality testing services. However, ENVILAB also provides environmental testing services i.e. water (wastewater, surface water, ground water), solid (sludge, soil, sediment), etc. ENVILAB provide environmental testing services with customer services excellence by delivering better quality, faster turn around time (TAT) and acceptable data through implementation of ISO/IEC 17025:2005, Decree of Ministry of Environment No 06/2009 requirements and other relevant standards/regulations. Our primary objective is extraordinary services to support industries in complying with applicable environmental regulations in Indonesia.

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Why You Have to Choose Us?

PT. Envilab Indonesia was ACCREDITED according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the National Accreditation Commitee (KOMITE AKREDITASI NASIONAL – KAN) with wide range scope of accreditation (LP-572-IDN).

PT. Envilab Indonesia was RECOGNIZED as Environmental Laboratory by MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT (KEMENTRIAN LINGKUNGAN HIDUP – KLH) with registered no 0044/LPJ/LABLING-1/LRK/KLH and comply to requirement regulation Ministry of Environment No 06/2009 (regarding environmental laboratory).

PT. Envilab Indonesia was APPOINTED as Environmental Laboratory by GOVERNOR of East Java according to Decision of Governor of East Java No. 188/336/KPTS/013/2007 and 188/331/KPTS/013/2012. As part of requirements of local regulations in East Java e.g. Governor Regulation No 10/2009 (ambient & emission) and Decision of Governor No 45/2002 (waste water), testing must conduct by environmental laboratory appointed by Governor.

PT. Envilab Indonesia was APPOINTED as PJK3 for Working Environment Testing and Monitoring by MINISTRY OF MANPOWER according to Decision of Ministry of Manpower No. 30/DJPPK/PJK3/II/2012.

PT. Envilab Indonesia was REGISTERED as Provider of Environmental Laboratory Services by Directorate General of Oil & Gas (DITJEN MIGAS) according to SKT No. 0449/SKT-02/DJM.T/2012.